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Woven Animation® textiles* are created through a proprietary woven construction that results in a fabric with a bidirectional pattern change. Truly. Two independent patterns appear and visually replace one another depending on the viewing angle to the fabric’s surface. (See it.)

All our designs are original and are meticulously crafted to maximize the fabric’s illusionary effect. Both elegant and playful, this dynamic material will accentuate the experience of an interior space, focal surface or piece of furniture. For recommended applications see individual pattern specifications in our product catalog.

All Woven Animation fabric is performance tested against standards established by the Association for Contract Textiles.

Our products and services are available to the trade only. Designers may select fabrics from our catalog or work with ILOROM’s design team to address customized requirements or create a bespoke design for their client.

Luxury Transportation

ILOROM recognizes the unique character of private transportation interiors for yachts, superyachts and aircraft. Thoughtful consideration is given to these interior spaces when creating designs, selecting yarn types and coordinating colors for our innovative pattern shifting fabrics. We further understand the different performance standards required by the US Coast Guard, International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Through appropriate product development, testing and treatment, the ZEZ® fabric* line is dedicated to complying with required standards for these special interior uses.

Corporate Branding

Our design team can take advantage of the unique bidirectional nature of our textiles in order to create a tailored fabric that incorporates the logos, patterns, textures, and letter styles of a company’s branding suite. Please contact us to discuss the requirements of designing and developing a custom branded fabric for corporate, retail or premium product applications.

*Patent pending

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